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A good friend of mine is the head of the home owners association for a high rise condo building in San Jose. A number of tenants were complaining that cigarette smoke was snaking its way into their units even though the building supposedly met code to prevent that sort of thing. I mean why should you have to smoke your neighbor’s cigs?

In the end the tenants made it a board issue and brought it to a vote.

Here is the video along with an article that tells the whole story. You have to watch a short commercial but after that it is smooth sailing. My friend didn’t take either side. He supported tenant’s right to make the decision.


Now that you have watched the first video (IF YOU HAVEN’T WATCHED IT GO RIGHT BACK NOW AND WATCH THE DAMN THING) here is a video of several of the tenants having their last cigarette and being good sports about it.



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There are two big mistakes that job hunters make continually.

1. Fixating. They believe that an interview cycle is going well with a particular company BUT THEY DON’T HAVE AN OFFER YET and but they slow down their networking efforts. A colleague once said to me, a verbal promise is worth the paper it is printed on. I see it over and over again. The runner heading for the finish line who lets up only to be passed by another competitor in the last step.

2. Shutting down networking efforts once they have a job. This is the biggest crime of all. Wow! I have MY job so I am home free. I can stop all this other nonsense now. It’s not that we would expect a person who has found a job to network at the same level and energy as when they were unemployed but they still can go at half speed, help others and continue to push their network outward (as in G-R-O-W) for the next time they are out of work or want to change jobs.

BUT NO! True zoo animals just shut down (if they ever were really trying in the first place). I would like to say that I have little pity for these creatures (they are the lowest rung of career animals: Farm animals) but the fact is that I will help them the next time around even though it would just be easier to just throttle them (paradigm. Not in reality).  Beasts of prey will rarely have time for these cute little critters. They would rather eat them for their next meal if interested at all.

No one hurts more than a zoo animal that needs food (A JOB). BUT they prefer you do the work for them. They just can’t bring themselves to hunt and make a kill. Where’s that feed bag? They’re the vegetarians of the career animal hierarchy but SOMEONE ELSE HAS TO BRING THEM THEIR FOOD.  They will rarely even go out and nibble at leaves on the nearby trees.


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As mentioned in an earlier post.

Now the first signs are showing up.

He is following the Jimmy Carter path to political oblivion. It’s not just social security even though I continue to believe that alone will bring him down. He is way to affable. He was elected to take a stand because folks were tired of the GOP agenda.

He hasn’t got us out of Iraq or Afghanistan. Yeah, I know he didn’t promise to but people expected that he would speed up the process. Well, he hasn’t. He put social security and medicare on the table as negotiable compromise items. This really exposed him for what he is. He has done little or nothing discernible in helping to stimulate the job market (which says he is in the bed with many of the same business interests that the GOP is).

If he continues this way, someone else (not someone necessarily better) will be President on January 20th 2013.


Barack Obama: President 2009-2013

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This article appeared in Yahoo today.

You’ll have to read the article but the words that resonated were Network, network, network!

• “Network, network, network.  I can’t say it enough,” wrote E.S., from San Diego, Calif. “LinkedIn is awesome, but enlist your Facebook contacts, or join a networking group. I know it’s horrible to ask your friends to keep their eyes out, but in the end that’s how I got hired. When you know someone who knows someone, who can vouch for you, you have a much better chance of getting a job with the company you want/in the field you want.”

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Maybe I shouldn’t have gone off on Herman Cain. He isn’t really worth it. His anti-Islamic Mosque stance is antiquated and let’s face it, he is looking hard for a way to differentiate himself from the myriad of candidates on the GOP side of things.  As of the year 2000 there were around 2,000 mosques in the USA and about seven million people who follow Islam. Most of the Islamic people I have gotten to know were as co-workers in the many jobs I have had over the years. Many have become good friends. They knew my background was Jewish (even though I am an atheist) and never cared. Except for one Egyptian colleague who believed that Egypt won the Yom Kippur War of 1973, I have never even had a single extended political discussion with any of them. We talked work and sports and family just like everyone else.

But I worry when I see groups like anti-Gay and anti-Muslim issues become centers of a political platform. It bothered me, in the last election,  that Palin wanted to ban certain books in school. In Texas, history is already being rewritten. Inaccurately may I say. Bachmann is ripping black farmers who received financial settlements from the government while she and her family receive government aid and subsidies. Very selective attacking from the Iowa born bigot.

Hitler banned books, rewrote history and went after homosexuals and Jews.

Good company for those who include those sorts of issues in their platform.

A stones throw from a world where white, Christian oligarchy tell us what is acceptable and not acceptable.

Scares the Hell out of me and I don’t scare that easy. But then I don;t like anyone telling me what I can believe or not. Do or not do.

And yet, I say let them have at it. Let the Bachmann’s and Palin’s and the Cains of the world run for office. Let them try to enact their policies. The population of this country needs to feel what these folks are really about. Feel the pain of Bachmann and Palin and Cain. Fear and hate. Tail Gunner Joe all over again. We seem to have a national amnesia and forget what hate does to this country.

So bring it.

Then we can tear the hate down and relegate these disciples of fear to the scrap heap of our history. When they topple they topple quickly.

We think the budget is the big issue. It is big but not as big as the FUD that these people are spouting.


Mrs Potato Head

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We have another racist in the Republican Party. It seems (once again) that we’re all created equal except some of us.

Herman Cain Says Opposing the Building of Mosques is Constitutional

Mon, Jul. 18, 2011 Posted: 01:29 PM EDT

Christian Post

Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain stands by communities that oppose the building of Mosques, deeming their plight constitutional.

Protests and counter protests struck The Islamic Center of Murfreesboro located outside of Nashville when a judge ruled that its planned construction did not harm local residents after they sued to prevent them from building.

“Our constitution guarantees separation of church and state. Islam combines church and state,” said Cain on Fox news Sunday, “They are using the Church part of our First Amendment to infuse their mosque in that community and the people in the community don’t like it, they disagree with it.”

Cain previously stated that Muslims need to prove their loyalty to the U.S. Constitution before he would appoint them to his administration. He also believes that people know what’s best for their own communities leaving it open for them to decide whether they want to let Muslims worship freely amongst them.

“I’m simply saying I owe it to the American people to be cautious because terrorists are trying to kill us,” Cain said, “So yes I’m going to err on the side of caution, rather than the side of carelessness.”

Cain doesn’t believe the situation in Murfreesboro is a result of religious discrimination. He supports their opposition by attributing their rejection of the mosque building to their own rights and freedoms to do so.

“The people in the community know best, and I happen to side with the people in Murfreesboro,” said Cain.

Also Cain stated that Muslims cannot use a civil rights platform like blacks did in the 50’s and 60’s because blacks dealt with the fact that they couldn’t advance in society, where he feels Muslims want to legislate Sharia law with the building of mosques.

THANKS HERM! Only one problem with your hate-think. It’s called the first amendment to The U.S. Constitution.

Amendment 1 – Freedom of Religion, Press, Expression. Ratified 12/15/1791. Note

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.


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A friend recently asked me why some people we both know always rush into new jobs trying to be a hero’s by solving underwhelming problems.

The problem, I wrote back, was that people who constantly need and seek recognition and reward will almost always end up very unsatisfied.The reason is that the heroic act is often followed by an expectation of immediate reward. In other words feed the beast. Very few bosses are willing to constantly throw meat to this creature or even if they do, they usually can’t keep up.

It is better to work on trust and respect. This takes  a longer time but ultimately will perceptually give you greater value to both the company you work for and your team. Hero’s have no time for team. They only have time for themselves.

This next rule is very hard for most people.

Ask nothing for yourself. 

Don’t make it about you.

If you consciously do a heroic act but treat it as part of your job, then those around you will value you all the more. Self promote and you will gradually become a liability.

I am about as close to a lone wolf as you will find and even I understand this simple rule. What I crave is freedom of action and if I have to give up recognition-seeking and some rewards, then I will do so. But you don’t have to be a lone wolf to benefit from this rule. Strangely I find that the more I lay low (so to speak) the more recognition and reward I get.  I also find that when I recommend this to people who feel unrecognized (welcome to the club.. there are millions of you out there) they cannot abide by my advice. They need to be stroked by their management making them a petting zoo animal at best.

Eventually, feeling unloved, they move on to the next job searching for someone, anyone, who will just love them and value their heroic acts.

It is a vicious cycle.

The good news is that you have your own signage.


Do your job. Show initiative. Don’t make it about you.

If you are feeling unfulfilled, move on and seek other hunting grounds.

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