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Gee whiz. I am back.

I pissed off a friend last week. We were meeting for lunch. I told him that I would call his cell when I got outside his office. No entry by the way unless a receptionist buzzes you in.

I called but no response. I texted but no response. I called again and no response. Suddenly he came rambling out of his office building door with his phone stuck in his ear. I told him to get the phone out of his ass. No question I was a bit acerbic. But he’s one of those guys who takes every call. One moment you’re having lunch with him and the next moment he has the phone stuck in his ear.

It’s a disease. Sometimes you wonder if it’s a phone they’re holding or a leash around tied around their neck.

Anyway, he was upset and old me that my comments were unacceptable. I told him that we could cancel lunch. I would go to my car and drive back home.

The awkward moment passed and we trudged off to lunch. I offered to pay. He was cheap enough to accept. I guess we were both steamed but I realize that with this guy (who by the way is generally a good guy) I had built up one thick book of stamps because of his phone habits.

I don’t know if and when we’ll have lunch again but if we do….
I am going to ask him to turn OFF his phone while we’re having lunch.
Mine is set on vibrate and I don’t answer it if I am with someone unless I have forewarned them that there may be a call I have to take.

Unfortunately, he’s not the only one. The lack of being present in another person’s company is an epidemic. Phones are great tools but we’re losing our social IQ.

My bad on my words. Turns out he was on the phone with a customer. I told him to tell them I was some crazy street person. Who knows. Maybe I am.


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